This  is the telescope that took most of the photos on this site.  It is a Celestron       This is a dual setup which consists of a Celestron ED 80 Apocromatic and an Orion
CPC 1100.  It is an 11 inch Schmidt Cassegrain Catadioptric Reflector.  It  is a GPS      ST 120 Acromatic mounted on a Celestron CG-5 Go To mount.   These scopes are
      equipted Go To scope.  Once aligned it will seek out over 40,000 objects.  It is            great for widefield shots.  A few shots were taken with this setup which has since been sold.
      mounted here on a Celestron wedge on a homemade pier.   Piggybacked is an           
      Orion ST 80 mainly used for guiding. 

      The deepspace photos were taken with a Canon 350D unmoddified camera.  The solar system shots were taken with a Phillips webcam or Meade DSI CCD imager.
       Photos are between 30 and 90 second exposures, usually stacks of 20 to 40.  Stacked and registered in Deep Sky Stacker and processed in Photoshop CS3.