Apex North Carolina


An apex is the "pinnacle" or the "highest point". Apex North Carolina is the highest point on the CSX Railroad route running from southern Virginia to upstate South Carolina. Apex is an old town as exemplefied by it's downtown historic district. It is also geographically large, bordering Cary, Holly Springs and even being close to Raleigh and Morrisville. There are namy fine subdivisions in great school districts in Apex. Recently a boom of retail has opened up at the Hwy 55 / Hwy 64 area. Apex offers convenience to Jordan Lake, RTP and Raleigh and Cary.


The town of Apex was incorporated in 1873, named for its location as the highest point on the Chatham Railroad between Richmond, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida. Apex grew slowly through the succeeding decades, despite several devastating fires, including a 1912 conflagration which destroyed most of the downtown business district. The town center was rebuilt and stands to this day, now one of the most intact railroad towns in the state. At the heart of town stands the Apex Union Depot, originally a passenger station for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad and later home to the locally-supported Apex Community Library. The depot now houses the Apex Chamber of Commerce.

Apex suffered mild setbacks during the Depression-era, but growth began again in earnest in the 1950s. The town's position in proximity to North Carolina's Research Triangle Park spurred additional residential development, yet the town managed to preserve its small-town character. During the 1990s, the town's population quadrupled to over 20,000, placing new demands upon Apex's infrastructure.

Apex has continued to grow in recent years. A sizable shopping center was built at the intersection of Highway 55 and US 64, and several new neighborhoods have been built as the town grows toward the west. Several "infill" projects are also underway.


Town of Apex

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