Add new wallpaper if the current wallpaper is torn or withered. Make sure it adheres to the wall
Paint exterior fixtures
Paint mailbox
Paint or clean front door and garage door
Paint or restain fence if it is peeling or dirty
Make sure that cracks in ceiling/walls are repaired.
Paint shutters, make sure they are hung straight
Paint window ledges
If needed, repaint faded, worn or stained interior walls
Tone down bright room colors by painting them white or a neutral color.
Repair any damage to chimney.
Repair holes in gutters and repair any separations from eaves.
Repair or replace shingles or tiles missing from the roof.
Sand and repaint areas with blistering or peeling paint
Seal cracks on porch and remove any standing water if concrete. If wood, secure looks railings and seal or paint as necessary.
All woodwork like stairwell railings and doors should be repainted and or stained.