Wake Forest North Carolina


Wake Forest like much of the Triangle has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.  The addition of highway 540 and the development of Wakefield Plantation and Heritage have made the town an exciting and accessible place. I am often asked where Wake Forest University is when showing relocating people the area. The university actually moved to Winston Salem in 1957. The former campus is now home to Southeastern Baptist Seminary. Although there are many great neighborhoods in Wake Forest, the two communities mentioned above are the largest and have their own schools, golf courses and other amenities. Wake Forest continues to grow with many retail centers opening and is a must see when visiting the Triangle.


Development of the town of Wake Forest began in 1820 when Dr. Calvin Jones, originally from New England, bought 615 acres (2.5 km²). The sparsely populated area became known as Wake Forest, or the Forest of Wake. Jones sold his farm for $2,000 to the North Carolina Baptist Convention, which opened the Wake Forest Manual Labor Institute, later Wake Forest College, on the site. The Raleigh & Gaston Railroad, completed in 1840, gave a boost to the school and surrounding village with its nearby depot in Forestville. College leaders convinced the railroad to move the depot even closer to the college in 1874, leading to more economic development. This growth allowed the community to become incorporated by the state in 1880 as the "Town of Wake Forest College." In 1909, the word "College" was removed from the official name. 1956 saw the removal of the college itself, to the much larger city of Winston-Salem. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary began offering classes in 1950 on the original campus of Wake Forest University, and occupied the rest of the campus when the university completed its move.

Town of Wake Forest

Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce

A neighboring town that deserves mentioning is Rolesville which will very likely be the next boom town in the area.

Town of Rolesville